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Welcome to join us as Lueur Beaute member by opening a new chapter in your skincare regime! Knowing your skin and body is as important as knowing you soul which can help you find the right products for yourself. Let us take you to a journey to find what is best for you: 歡迎參加Lueur Beaute 成為會員為你的美麗日記打開新的一頁!要找到適合自己的產品,認識自己的身體和肌膚猶如認識自我一樣重要。讓我們一起踏上這旅程為自己尋找最好的選擇:

* 1 . What are the major skin problems you are experiencing now? (Please choose 3) 請分享你認為最大的肌膚問題 (請選三項)

* 2 . What is the major focus you like to improve? (Please choose 1) 請問你最想改善以下哪一項(請選一項)

* 3 . Which of the following best described your skin type? (Please choose 1) 請問下哪一項最適合形容你的皮膚(請選一項)

* 4 . Mind telling us your age range? 你屬哪一個年齡層

* 5 . How much do you think you have spent on skincare/bodycare every month? 你平均每個月用於護膚或身體護理上大約消費多少?

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Gift: In order to thank you for completing the survey, Lueur Beaute prepares gifts for you .為答謝閣下填寫問卷調查, Lueur Beaute會因應你填寫資料送上適合閣下的產品試用.